Michigan Genealogical Council
Michigan Genealogical Council
Member Society information
Additional Michigan Genealogical Society information. These are informational items the Michigan Genealogical Council distributes at local and national conferences, seminars, and events when we have an exhibit table. These items have been submitted by our member organizations, and each society is responsible for their content.
Michigan Genealogical Council Exhibit Table - May 2018 at NGS in Grand Rapids
Suggested items to include:
  • Name of Society
  • Mailing address (snail)
  • website address
  • society email address
  • reasons to become a member
  • membership application or a link to your current one
  • link to your meeting and program schedule -- this should be on your website since it will change over time
  • link to your publication list and ordering procedure
  • description of any special events, such as seminars and research trips your society regularly sponsors with a website link for the most current information
If you are a member society of the Michigan Genealogical Council, you may update your information by submitting a two page (one sheet) PDF file to be included on this page. Please submit electronically to our webmaster tom@mimgc.org. Hard copies for physical distribution may be submitted to our PO Box or brought to any delegate meeting.
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