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Membership in the Michigan Genealogical Council (MGC) is open to any organization or repository with a primary interest in family history and genealogy.

We do not offer memberships to individuals.

Delegate meetings are held in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Please check the Events page for the exact date, time, and location.

The MGC Newsletter is published four times per year, January, April, July, and October.  The copy deadline for issues is the 15th of the month prior to the publication date.  Please submit directly to our editor, Paul Roltsch, newsletter@mimgc.org. (MS Word or plain text preferred)

Winter Newsletter available

The Winter 2022 Michigan Genealogical Council Newsletter is now available to download, read, or print.
MGC Newsletter vol46 n` Winter 2022

Zoom for Society Meetings with Dan Earl

Dan Earl explains how to host a Zoom meeting and the benefits to societies in using Zoom for virtual meetings. This was the program at our September 10, 2020 "out-of-Lansing" meeting.
For the best experience please view in full screen.

MGC Inclusion Statement

Black history in the United States has been rife with racism, violence, and hate. It is time to change that history. The Michigan Genealogical Council (MGC) stands in solidarity with the Black community and opposes inequality and injustice. Now more than ever, we must support one another and speak up, MGC vows to be silent no more.


Most Michigan Libraries and Museums are either closed or operating with restrictions based on guidance from the state and local governing bodies of the institution. Please contact the facility you wish to visit for their current policy.
Please be patient with the processing of materials sent to our PO Box. With the COVID-19 measures still in effect, we are experiencing delays with the processing and distribution of physical mail sent to our PO Box.

Digital Collections from SeekingMichigan move

Digital collections previously available on SeekingMichigan.org are now at Michiganology.org. Non-digital items on SeekingMichigan, such as research and county guides will be migrating to the Archives of Michigan pages on Michigan.gov.

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MeL access to MyHeritage Library Edition

All Michigan residents now have access to MyHeritage Library Edition in your home through the Michigan Electronic Library portal (mel.org) from the Library of Michigan. Resources available are listed below.
Access through the Michigan Electronic Library (MeL) portal. Select eResouces > Subject: select Family History. 

Engaging Long Distance Members - Jen Baldwin

Our July 21 Delegate meeting featured Jen Baldwin, of FindMyPast, and host of #genchat. The handout from this session is designed to encourage and inspire the membership and leadership of genealogical societies.  Thank you to Jen for allowing us to share her handout with the genealogical community. "Engaging Your Long Distance Members." 

Historical Society of Michigan National Genealogical Society

March 10
MGC Delegate Meeting
A Walk Among the Tombstones: Preparing for and Presenting a CemeteryTour with Elaine Kuhn. Discover how your society can plan, prepare for, and present a successful cemetery tour.   This session is highly recommended for societies planning a cemetery tour.
May 12
MGC Delegate Meeting